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About Us

Lian Xing Chemical Co., Ltd. , a joint-stock enterprise,has the right of self-run expot.Founded in October 1997 with a registered capital of four million.It locates in xiaochi town of Huangmei country., which is a Yangtse Rive alongside the junction of Anhui,Hubei and Jiangxi,connected by The Jiujiang Yangtse Rive Bridge with Jiujiang city . After several years of development,the company has owned 85 acres of land,95,000,000RMB of the total assets,and 208 employees,including 22 engineers and technicians.So far ,our company has five chemical product Production lines.The first production line produces 5,000 tons of Sodium Hypophosphite(SHPP).The second production line has an annual output of 2,500 tons of Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate(THPS).The third production line owns an annual Output of 1000 tons of Hypo phoshporus Acid(HPA).The fourth production line possesses and Annual output of 6,000 tons of feed grade calcium phosphate(TCP).The fifth production line has An annnual output of 35,000 tons food-grade phosphoric acid.

At present, the production process and techniques of SHPP and THPS has occupied the Advanced level in the same field, and the quality of products is far more than the national standard.More than 90% products in our company have been exporting to abroad,mainly to the United States,Europe and Southeast Asia.

Our company will make further efforts to implement structural ad-justment and increase the Innovation.Through R&D and innovation , our company will become more and more stronger,and also srtive to become a highly competitive in intenational market.

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