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Details for China Sulfur

Sulfur 7704-34-9

Category :


CAS NO : 7704-34-9
EC NO : 231-722-6
MF : S
MW : 32.065
Packing : 25kg/drum or according to special requirement.
Product description :

Common name: Sulfur

Chemical name (IUPAC): Sulfur

CAS NO.: 7704-34-9

Uses: Control of scab on apple, pears, and peaches; powdery mildews on a range of crops, including fruit, vines, hops, beet cereals, citrus, ornamentals, cucumbers, vegetables, and in forestry,; shot-hole of stone fruit; and acarinosis of vines. Also controls mites (particularly eriophyid mites) on a range of crops.

Specification: 80% WDG

Packing: 25kg/drum or according to special requirement.

Synonyms : sulfur;sulfur flowers;sulfur powder;thione;sulphur;sulfur roll;sulfur precipitated;s-80;microthiol special;rasulf;sulfur, sublimed;sulfur atom;
Molecular Structure : Sulfur 7704-34-9