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About Us

Chemlex is a research and manufacturing organization (CRO/CMO) serving as an outsourcing partner and toll manufacturer for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and electronic chemical industries. Founded by US pharmaceutical industry veterans, Chemlex has become a reliable partner and provider of services in organic synthesis for a variety of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and chemical clients globally since 2004. Our California, US location offers our client seamless accounting, communication and project management. Our Suzhou, China R&D and manufacturing location (wholly owned subsidiary Suzhou Ankai technology co. Ltd) offers low cost R&D research, process development and commercial manufacturing.

We offer advanced intermediates for APIs, electronic chemicals, custom synthesis products and toll manufacturing products from kilogram to >100 metric ton scales. We specialize in new synthetic route design, process development for complex organic compounds, generic APIs (both pharmaceutical and agrochemical) and advanced intermediates. We are very capable of handling difficult synthesis and providing high quality and large quantity of key intermediates for APIs and custom intermediates in a very timely manner. We have >10,000 M2 R&D and production facilities.

Our research and production are all done in China, which will bring you the low cost benefit yet our project management, technical support and logistics are located in the US, which will bring the real time communication, support and the timely delivery of your product without you worrying about logistics and hassle of importing. We handle all international shipping, custom clearance and domestic logistics so your product will be delivered to you as if it is from a local producer. Once you placed your order with us we will work with you very closely. We update you on the progress of your project on a weekly basis or whenever you pick up the phone to call us. All communication is in English and within the US tie zones.

Reaction expertise: brominations, chlorination, fluorination, nitration, diazonium reactions, reductions, oxidations, Grignard reactions, BuLi reactions, hydrogenations, and carbohydrate chemistry

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Tel : 925-789-0388
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Fax : 925-600-1753
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