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Details for China YH-C water based inorganic gel

YH-C water based inorganic gel

Category :

Inorganic chemicals

YH-C water based inorganic gel
MF :
MW :
Packing : kraft complex bag
Product description : Strong thixotropic, high shear with low viscosity; low shear with high viscosity, the index of thixotropy reach to 6.0. Extensive PH range of application: it will go into effect during PH5-12. Easy dispersivity: need not pre gel and active agent. Stability: fine biochemical stability, and fine heat stability. Mutual solubility: easy to dissolve in the alcohols and high polar solvent (glycerin, sorbitol). Economical efficiency: it will reduce the cost when use product alone, also, mix using with the celluose aether, crylic acid will improve the rheological property, lower the cost at the same time!
Uses : used in emulsion paint ,water paint emulsion on paint .pesticide ,sizing agent ,water-based adhseive
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