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Details for China Poly aluminium chloride

Poly aluminium chloride 1327-41-9

Category :

Catalyst and Auxiliary/Water Treatment Chemicals

Poly aluminium chloride
CAS NO : 1327-41-9;101707-17-9;11097-68-0;114442-10-3
EC NO : 215-477-2
MF : Al2Cl(OH)5
MW : 174.45
Specification : 30% content
Packing : 25Kg net in plastic knitting bag
Product description :
Poly aluminium chloride
Product code: HYCW-305
Chemical name: Aluminium chloride polymer
Trade name: Poly aluminium chloride
Appearance Yellow solid
Alumina content 30%min
Saltness(%) 65 ?90

Used in water treatment for tap water and waste water by paper-making,living and industry.

Package and Storage:
25Kg net in plastic knitting bag
Keep in room temperature
Storage life : 6 months
Uses : water treatment
Synonyms : Aluminum chlorohydrate (anhydrous);Aluminum hydroxychloride;Aluminum oxychloride;ACH 325;ACH 331;ACH 7-321;Aloxicoll;Aluminol ACH;Aluminum chlorhydrate;Aluminum chlorhydroxide;Aluminum chloride hydroxide;Aluminum chloride hydroxide oxide, basic;Aluminum chloride oxide;Aluminum chlorohydrol;Aluminum chlorohydroxide;Aluminum hydroxide chloride;Aquarhone 18;Astringen;Astringen 10;Banoltan White;Basic aluminum chloride;Basic aluminum chloride, hydrate;Berukotan AC-P;Cartafix LA;Cawood 5025;Chlorhydrol;Chlorhydrol Micro-Dry;Chlorhydrol Micro-Dry SUF;Dialuminium-chlorid-pentahydroxid;E 200;E 200 (coagulant);Gelsica;HPB 5025;Hessidrex WT;Hydral;Hydrofugal;Kempac 10;Kempac 20;Kemwater PAX 14;Locron;Locron P;Locron S;Nalco 8676;OCAL;Oulupac 180;PAC;PAC (salt);PAC 250A;PAC 250AD;PACK 300M;PALC;Paho 2S;Sansudor;UNII-HPN8MZW13M;Wickenol cps 325;Aluminum chloride, basic;[AL2(OH)nCL6-n]m;aluminum trichloride;Polyaluminum chloride;Poly-Aluminium Chloride(PAC);Poly aluminium chloride;
Molecular Structure : Poly aluminium chloride 1327-41-9;101707-17-9;11097-68-0;114442-10-3