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  • heat exchanger  

    Heat exchanger is an indispensable equipment which used to transfer part of the thermal of heat fluid to cold fluid during chemical production process. Main products:... >>>

  • stainless steel storage tank  

    Volume: 0.1m?~250m? Working pressure: 0.1Mpa~10Mpa Medium: various flammable and explosive medium Standard: GB, EN, ASME, ISO Tanks shall be produced according to cu... >>>

  • stainless steel reactor  

    Reaction vessel is a kind of pressure vessel which is used to complete physical reaction and chemical reaction of medium, such as reactor, reaction still, polymerizer, s... >>>

  • stainless steel tower  

    *Tower vessel is an important equipment which is used for realizing sufficient contact between the gas phase and the liquid phase or between the liquid phases. *The tow... >>>


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