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  • Palm oil  8002-75-3

    Palm oil is a vegetable oil, also known as palm oil, soybean salad oil continued after the second-largest edible oil palm oil palm fruit (Elaeis guineensis) is extrac... >>>

    Shouguang Jinyu Chemical Co., Ltd.    
  • Benzyl Acetate  140-11-4

    Benzyl Acetate is used as a composition of perfumery (floral, fruity; reminiscent of jasmine) and flavoring (reminiscent of apple and pear). It could be used as solvent ... >>>

    Snowhite Chemical Co., LTD.    
  • Peppermint oil  8006-90-4;68917-18-0

    Peppermint oil Synonyms: Mentha piperita oil; Peppert oil; Cornmint oil; peppmint oil dmo CAS RN.: 8006-90-4;68917-18-0 The material is widely used in pharmaceutical,... >>>


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