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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent

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Product Property:
(1) Pale yellow gel or liquid。
(2) Active Ingredient: about 25%
(3) PH: 7.2—8.0
(4) Solubility: easily soluble in hot water. Dissolving slowly in cold water
(5) Stability: clear 0.1% solution in PH 11-12 with no precipitation

1. Used as detergent for wool fabric. After washing, fabric is with soft hand touch, no influence on following dyeing process. Dosage:1-2g/L 
(2) Applied in pre-treatment process for wool fabric. If fabric with some grease, it can be treated with HX-847 of 1-1.5g/L for 20 mins in 50-40ºC before dyeing process.
(3) It is applied as leveling agent for wool dyeing. It functions as the penetrating, leveling agent for some dyes (except cationic dyes), as dyeing assistant and lubricant for acid dyeing on wool.
(4) It is used as leveling agent for silk fabric dyed by direct and acid dyes. Besides leveling, wetting, soap washing effects, it is often made into a paste together with turpentine to effectively remove oil stains on silk.

Under 10ºC, it will become cloudy and with less fluidity, if left to stand for a period of time. When temperature increases, it returns to original state with no change in quality.

Storage: 50kg, 200kgs per drum. Warning: Keep upright!

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