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Details for China Lithium amide

Lithium amide 7782-89-0

Category :

Catalyst and Auxiliary

Lithium amide
CAS NO : 7782-89-0
EC NO : 231-968-4
MW : 37.9981
Product description : Lithium Amide Molecular formula:LiNH2 Molecular weight : 22.96 Appearance White and grey powder grain LiNH2 content≥ 95.0% Fineness (100 mesh ) ≥ 90.0% This product is used as the accelerator,reducing agent,dehydrator,dryer,dehalogenating agent,alkylating agent,ammoxidation agent,and catalyzer fornegative ion polymerization of ethylene compounds.It can be also used for the production of hydrazoics compounds ad cyanides.As for the medical industry,it acts as the catalyzer for the synthesis of Vitamin A,D3 and anti-AIDS drugs.In the production of Antioxidant 1010 and 1076,it is used as ester exchange catalyzer.
Synonyms : Lithiumamideoffwhitepowder;Lithamide;lithium azanide;methanamine, monolithium salt;
Molecular Structure : Lithium amide 7782-89-0