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Details for China meko

meko 96-29-7

Category :

Catalyst and Auxiliary

CAS NO : 96-29-7
EC NO : 202-496-6
MW : 87.1204
Packing : ISO tank&lron drum(NET 190Kg,190.5kg)
Product description : Intrduction Methyl ethyl ketoxime is an important additive in almost all paints and lacquers containing oxidative drying adhesives. Property Formula:C4H9NO Molecular weight:87.14 CAS No:96-29-7 Appearance:Colourless Liquid Boiling point:152℃ (760mmHg) Specific Gravity:0.922(25℃)
Usage : Anti-skinning agent for paints and warnishes Blocking agent for polyisocyanate in polyurethanes In the manufacture of oxime silane(for crosslinker of silicone sealant)
Synonyms : 2-Butanone oxime;2-butoxime;aron m 1;butanone oxime;ethyl methyl ketoxime;Methyl ethyl ketoxime;(2E)-butan-2-one oxime;(2Z)-butan-2-one oxime;MEKO;
Molecular Structure : meko 96-29-7