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Details for China epoxy resin

epoxy resin 61788-97-4

Category :

Paint and Coatings

epoxy resin
CAS NO : 61788-97-4
MF : (C11H12O3)n
MW :
Packing : 200KG, 25KG
Product description : EPOXY RESIN TYPE A medium molecular weight, unmodified bisphenol-A liquid epoxy resin. APPLICATION IT is the standard liquid epoxy resin in many applications. These include casting, impregnating and potting system, cured at room or elevated temperatures, for the electronic industries ; adhesives, mortars, grouting compounds and other compositions for the building and civil engineering industries ; solventless, high-solids and other types of surface coatings with high resistance to chemicals and mechanical attack ; room temperature curing laminating systems, etc. OUTSTANDING PROPERTIES Superior mechanical and electrical properties Excellent chemical resistance Good heat resistance Excellent adhesion Outstanding versatility Easy to cure with a variety of different type hardeners Compatible with many different fillers, diluents and accelerators
Synonyms : Epoxy - Polyester Resin 50/50% powder;Epoxy resin;EPICHLOROHYDRIN RESIN;POLYEPICHLOROHYDRIN;POLYEPICHLOROHYDRIN AVERAGE MW CA 700000 (GPC);phenolic epoxy resin;Resin epoxy;(Chloromethyl)oxirane,homopolymer;(chloromethyl)-oxiranhomopolymer;Adhesive-Epoxy