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Details for China Matting agent

Matting agent 14808-60-7

Category :

Paint and Coatings

Matting agent
CAS NO : 14808-60-7;112945-52-5;60676-86-0;7631-86-9;99439-28-8;10279-57-9
EC NO : 215-683-2;238-878-4;262-373-8;231-545-4;238-878-4
MF : SiO2
MW : 60.084
Product description : MATING AGENT SILICA    Introduction   SS-SIL is an amorphous silica with special organic treatment(or untreatment)   Appearing as white free flowing powder.   Application   SS-SIL is a high porosity,easily dispersible silica matting agent with high matting efficiency due to porosity and particle size distributing.   It is widely used for furniture coating,wood protective coating.   Urethane coating,alkyd coating.metallic paint&ink,UV coating and plastics
Synonyms : Quartz;acticel;cab-o-sil;cab-o-sperse;Fumed Silicas;Silica, fused;Silica, vitreous;flatting agents;flatting agent;delustering agent;MATTING AGENT;Aerosil;Amorphous silica;Fumed silica;Silica;Quartz sand;White carbon black;white carbon;White carbon black,combustion method;Pelleted Hydrated Silica;Hydrated Silica;Silicondioxidehydrate;Silica, hydrate;Precipitated silica;Silica Dioxide;
Molecular Structure : Matting agent 14808-60-7;112945-52-5;60676-86-0;7631-86-9;99439-28-8;10279-57-9