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Details for China Mono Sodium L-Aspartate

Mono Sodium L-Aspartate 3792-50-5

Category :

Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals/Vitamin, amino acids and coenzymes

Mono Sodium L-Aspartate
CAS NO : 3792-50-5
EC NO : 223-264-0
MF : C4H5NNaO4
MW : 154.0771
Product description : Synonyms:Asparticacid, monosodium salt, L- (8CI);L-Aspartic acid, monosodium salt (9CI);Asparticacid monosodium salt;Monosodium L-aspartate;Monosodium aspartate;L-Aspartate sodium; Molecular Weight:155.08 EINECS:223-264-0 Density:1.514 g/cm3 Melting Point:140 °C (dec.) Solubility:water: ≥100 mg/mL Appearance:white crystalline powder
Synonyms : Aspartic acid disodium salt;aspartic acid, sodium salt (1:2);Disodium 2-aminosuccinate;Monosodium aspartate;disodium 2-aminobutanedioate;sodium (2S)-2-aminobutanedioate;;Sodium L-Aspartate;Sodium L-Aspartate;
Molecular Structure : Mono Sodium L-Aspartate 3792-50-5