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Details for China Silicone Defoamer Silibase-188A

Silicone Defoamer Silibase-188A

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Other Chemicals

Silicone Defoamer  Silibase-188A
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Product description : 188A is modified polysiloxane & polyether compound type powder defoamer, It is specialized use in mortar and other water based foaming systems.     Typical product data Appearance: white or light yellow powder solid Solid content:   18±1% Fineness ≥150(According to customers’ request) PH(25℃) 6-9(1% aqueous solution) Moisture <0.5% Note: Data on above only for reference, can adjust according to customers’ actual needs. Products Introduction: Non toxic, non corrosion, non volatile, high thermal stability, high surface activity, do not have chemical reaction with foaming system medium. High efficiency, low dosage. Long time inhibit foaming. Acid and alkali resistant, Stable and convenient transportation. Mainly use in mortar production, also can use in mud, paper pulp, textile, printing & dyeing, drilling, cleaning, detergent, water treatment etc. water based system. Use method: Use directly with stir, or dissolve in water (hot or warm water faster) Usually dosage: 0.5~1%,According to practical needs. Packing & Storage : 25kgs/cardboard drum, or 25kg/kraft paper bag, store indoor. Forbid touch with water, acid, alkali, oxide directly, transportation as non-dangerous goods standard. Product Safe: Typical product data is not standard, technical specifications can be produced according to customers’ practical needs. In order to use product correctly and safely, please do test before use in bulk.
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