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Details for China Di Sodium Phosphate

Di Sodium Phosphate 7558-79-4

Category :

Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals

Di Sodium Phosphate
CAS NO : 7558-79-4
EC NO : 231-448-7
MF : Na2HPO4
MW : 141.958
Synonyms : Disodium hydrogen phosphate;Sodium phosphate,dibasic;Disodium hydrogen phosphate,edible;disodium orthophosphate;di-sodium hydrogen orthophosphate;di-Sodium Hydrogenphosphate;Disodium Monohydrogen Orthophoshate;disodium monohydrogen phosphate;Disodium Monophosphate;disodium phosphoric acid;Phosphoric acid, disodium salt;Sodium acid phosphate;dibasic sodium phosphate;Sodium monohydrogen phosphate;sodium monohydrogen phosphate (2:1:1);Sodium Phosphate Dibasic;SODIUM PHOSPHATE REAGENT GRADE DIBASIC;soda phosphate;DSP;Disodium Phosphate;Di-Sodium Phosphate;Sodium Phosphate, Dibasic Anhydrous;phosphoric acid, sodium salt (1:2);Disodium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous;Disodium Hydrogenorthophosphate;di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous;
Molecular Structure : Di Sodium Phosphate 7558-79-4